The Death of Star Wars: Hollywood is out ideas

I read an article in my @ZDNet email this morning:

Star Wars is dead, Gen-Xers. Get over it

Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to. No truer words about Disney’s multi-billion dollar franchise have ever been spoken.

– By Jason Perlow @jperlow

I encourage you to read the article. As a Gen-X-er myself it was a fun read. Other Gens may not give a rip. I get that.

The author’s points are:

  • Star Wars is a 70’s phenom and should just stay there.
  • The reboots don’t work – they aren’t hitting point with the current crowd of viewers.
  • Let it die.
  • To the Gen-Xers out there, it will hurt, but you’ll get over it.

Enthusiasm Exists

I think @jperlow can accurately make this point for other movie series: Terminator anyone? There are some series that should just stay in their era. Agreed.

Star Wars has been one of those cultural phenoms that has expanded past our Generation. The crop of College Hires with whom I work (a very large IT Shop in Arizona) were quite excited to see Star Wars and were all buzzing about the Thursday night opening the following Friday. Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz.

BIG GRINS on their faces and lots of reminiscing about their (okay, our) favorite scenes. Is as right in there with them. It was just like the 80’s and 90’s after large premiers – before streaming Netflix introduced us to binge watching. Or DVR allowed us to delay our viewing. Everybody saw it at the same time. This Star War Opening was just that. And the next day at work with Co-Worker kids who are the age of my oldest child was a blast as we dissected and relived the movie.

Maybe @jperlow you work from home? Work in a Bah-Humbug environment? Are you the Grinch that stole Christmas (j/k – just messing with you.)

Heck, Variety is reporting Star Wars (this American phenom) ‘Storms to $494 Million’ Worldwide. That’s not chump change for a saga you think should’ve stayed in the 70’s/80’s.

J.J. Abrams: Out with the Old, In with the New

So let me nit-pick the current Star Wars series just a bit (not a lot.)

The current Star Wars is working hard to break away from the old and move on with the new. This is the same thing J.J. Abrams did with Star Trek when he killed the planet Vulcan. I am a big fan of both franchises, and that still irritates me. (The new Star Trek movies effectively eliminates all of the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager timelines. Grrr.) …

<SPOILER 🚨 ALERT><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
nse to losing Han Solo in the first movie.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
lker join Obi Wan and Yoda in the Force.<<<<<<</SPOILER 🚨 ALERT> … But the good thing this time is we don’t lose the Star Wars timeline as we did in Star Trek.

J.J. Abrams would’ve been better off setting another Enterprise, another Rebellion, in another time … much later than the one we saw in the Gen-X 70’s and 80’s.

A Basic Problem: Hollywood itself

The Writing

The Writing in Hollywood has become stale. They writers are out of ideas.

That’s why we have so many franchise reboots, Comic Book movies.

Spider-Man is in his 3 reboot itself. (I wish they would’ve stuck with Toby MacGuire a few more years rather than marching him out talking about how enthusiastic he is for someone taking his role, after having Spider man 4 canceled before it went to Production.)

This isn’t a universal point for every movie. There are obvious examples of cool movies, but a lot of it is retread themes. As I write this in Christmas Season 2017, one of the movie releases is ‘Murder on the Orient Express.’

Political Correctness

And if there are fresh ideas, they have been lost under the suffocating blanket Politically Correctness. Hollywood is trying to pretzel everything it has to appease every group:

The Kansas City Star Article Decries:“Black heroes don’t often take the big screen. So when we get a character like Finn … Unfortunately, “The Last Jedi” often makes Finn as the guy who constantly needs to be taught a lesson and wants to escape. He deserves better.”

The LA Times Article crows …

In “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” one of the more inclusive “Star Wars” films in the franchise’s 40-year history

Good Night! You can’t win for losing. And we wonder what is happening to the writing? Well look above. And don’t forget the LGBT Crowd!

LGBTQ Respresentation

And to answer the LGBTQ-crowd, J.J. Abrams made a promise to add a Gay character to the mix. Just to keep it diverse.

First: talk about T-Boning a whole saga with something unexpected and unnecessary. (Just to make a small segment happy.)

Second: I’ve already heard people comment if that happens they’re done with Star Wars (Subject for a different blog I suppose)


The problem boils down to writing, and a lack of ideas because creativity has been bound in chains if trying to please too many crowds based on splintered ‘diversity.’ A good story line is secondary consideration.

This is ultimately could wind up fouling up the Star Wars franchise.

‘Diversity’ is a moving undefined target. Hollywood needs to break Free and forge ahead with interesting characters and a good plot – not just if they’re diverse. If they don’t, we are going to see one Wonderful opportunity after another suffer, and die. The Star Wars franchise is not immune.

You can please some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time.- Abraham LincolnFrom :

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