GOP, Trump, Alabama and 2018 Elections

I will try to make this short, sweet-n-sour, and to the point: The Alabama outcome gives nothing to indicate the direction of 2018 Elections.

This National Review Article/blog by Theodore Kupfer is drawing this response from me.

Alabama Was an Early Warning for Senate Republicans

Roy Moore’s defeat in Alabama makes it abundantly clear that all else is not equal. Moore was a uniquely terrible candidate, so there is a danger in reading too much into his defeat. Yet a surge of turnout among black voters and a swing to the left from suburban white women helped propel Doug Jones to victory, just as they propelled Ralph Northam to victory in the Virginia gubernatorial race. That trend, however incipient, has to worry Republicans.

So does the eroding support for the GOP among the rest of the electorate. Democrats lead by ten points on the generic congressional ballot, a reality check for a party that was hoping to clean up in states Trump won,

There it is. End of opinion. “so there is a danger in reading too much into his defeat”

A Path to Defeat

1. Steve Bannon came out and announced a war against the Establishment GOP (who, along with Establishment Democrats are the real threat to our country). He backed Roy Moore.

2. The Establishment got in gear:

  • Mitch McConnell withdrew all Senatorial support from Moore.
    Even Threatening to kick him out of the Senate if he got elected – a “screw you Alabama, your voice doesn’t count maneuver)
  • They cajoled multiple women to accuse Moore of wrong-doing.
    40 years old accusations! Not proof or indictment. Where’s this been all along?
    One even had the audacity to fake a year book message from Roy. (Shows how weak was the case)

3. Roy Moore did that horrible interview with Sean Hannity where he hemmed and hawed about if he did or didn’t.

4. It was pointed out Roy Moore was a horrible candidate.

I’m sure there’s more, but as an Arizona citizen looking in on Alabama, I agree: “so there is a danger in reading too much into his defeat”

The Establishment is Threatened

So Theo (or is it Ted) – the author of the article – turns his attention towards humble Arizona fretting over the outcome here.

National Review is well known Never-Trumpers.

Jeff Flake is a well known Never-Trumper.

I can see where NR and Ted are concerned about old Flake’s seat. Another Establishment Never-Trumper bites the dust. So Flake has to stand up and act as if he’s stepping down out of conscience.


He’s stepping down cuz he’s gone get his butt kicked by a Trump supporter. And he doesn’t want to get embarrased. Or maybe he wants to retain his “I’m a credible ‘Trump-basher’ card.”

He’ll then make all his rounds on every news and cable-news network that is anti-Trump (which is pro-Democrat/Liberal) and bash Trump and real-conservatives who disagree with him. Ohhhhh the Establishment hates disagreement with their opinions. They will shut you down in the grandest of Fascist tradition.

These Establishment guys will do any-thing to show they are down for the Establishment-Struggle and to stay in that Establishment club.

Remember Flake symbolically giving to Doug Johnson in Alabama?

What a Treacherous Jack!

Country over Party He Tweeted:

GOP May Face Establishment Backlash in 2018

The only people / party in danger this 2018 Election cycle is the Establishment.

Oddly enough, looking for an article ‘image’ to use I encounter Neil Covuto from Fox News Business discussing this very thing in his segment:

People are in for a BIG surprise next year. More Patriotism -even on the back of this “so-called” Populism.

This will surprise the myopic establishment types:

  • Jeff Flake
  • Erik Erickson
  • Evan McMullin
  • Mitch McConnell
  • The author Ted from ==> National Review

The GOP will hold the government.

The Establishment will lose more seats.


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