Obamacare – What a blessing!

HEADLINE: Obama urges signups for Obamacare before the Deadline:

(Read the Story)So this got me to thinking:

Today I looked into what it would cost for me to sign up for Obamacare. As Nanci Pelosi said, “You have to pass the bill to find out what’s in the bill.”8 years later – we’re finding out. Just awesome.See Nancy Pelosi giving it to us “straight” (YouTube)

The following are my browser screen shots.

I am not eligible for Government Assistance

– So I would have to pay the full monthly premium.

– Those (below the appropriate income level)

My Eligibility for Obamacare

Here are my plans ranging from:

$1,258/month == $15,096/year

$1,525/month == $18,300/year

$1,925/month == $23,100/year

$13,600 with The following Copayments:

◦ Emergency room care: No Charge After Deductible

◦ Generic drugs: $20

◦ Primary doctor: No Charge After Deductible

◦ Specialist doctor: No Charge After Deductible

Annual Total $28,696

A 683% Increase over my 2012 Premiums!

(Monthly + Deductible Before Insurance Kicks in)

$19,080 with The following Copayments:’

◦Emergency room care: $400

◦ Generic drugs: $20

◦ Primary doctor: $30

◦ Specialist doctor: $50

Annual Total $27,480

A 654% Increase over my 2012 Premiums!

(Monthly + Deductible Before Insurance Kicks in)

$23,103.72 With the following Copayments:

◦ Emergency room care: $150 Copay after deductible

◦ Generic drugs: $15

◦ Primary doctor: $10

◦ Specialist doctor: $30

Annual Total $25,903

A 616% Increase over my 2012 Premiums!

(Monthly + Deductible Before Insurance Kicks in)

Oh, you better sign up!

Don’t you dare be late

Or the IRS will come calling for a Date

Obamacare is coming, to town!

Dear Abbey: Un-Thanksgiving Day

#TakeAStand against NFL Players #TakeAKnee

After having an awesome ThanksgivingI tweeted this out:

My brother is a @{county} sheriff Deputy. He’s had coworkers/friend killed by bad guys. The @NFL players are dissing people like them. #NotCool #TakeAStand not #TakeAKnee

This always reposts to facebook to which a friend replied:

No they aren’t … You know there is bias. … People have the right to protest in any way they feel. It is not disrespecting your brother and colleagues. It has been a disrespectful system all over the US in general. They are trying to enact change and give a voice to their frustrations without violence and without inciting violence. I would say it’s very American and very respectful. We do not pledge allegiance to officers. We pledge it to our flag and the laws of the land.

My Long replies qualify as blog posts.

“Un-Thanksgiving Day”

Notice how the unraveling of our society started (in the ‘60s) when our country’s 1950’s “Fathers” deemed it right to eject God from the society (more on that below) – which has been going on ever since.

God has started handing us over to our depravity and setting us up to be carried off to our Babylon for our sins just like he did his people Israel and Judah so long ago. We are living in a chaotic, demonic day. I am sad for it.

Whether its the community in fear (from people whipping up the fear), or the Police/deputies the object of that fear: Not caring about the people involved on either side is it’s own form of bigotry and prejudice. Folks like my brother are just working middle-class with families to feed and shelter. It is absolutely disrespecting them:

  • Kaep wearing pig socks and kneeling (He set the tone for exactly what this is all about)
  • NFL game in London, players standing for the English National anthem (the founders of the biggest grievance, slavery and prejudice) while kneeling for the US (who banished it)Going to Mexico and doing the same thing (Marshawn Lynch)

I prefer Richard Sherman’s take from last year: Stop protesting and Do Something about it. He’s proactively working with people to teach them how to respond to police to avoid an incident {It’s own commentary about the people}

Protesting is not “American.” That’s an amorphism Liberals on TV and colleges/schools have pushed and others bought into. Fleeing religious persecution, Revolution, war, being an honorable person and honoring God (up until the Bible was deemed unconstitutional to be taught in schools in the 50’s.) That has been uniquely American – until the last 50 or so years. But the God of the Universe is no longer welcome among this people.

We have become ungrateful, selfish, and uncaring towards each other. This whole NFL #TakeAKnee / Anger in the black community thing is a symptom. And The police are not a cause. It’s the darkness in the human heart and trying to live without God.