We Live in Crazy Times

I have a Facebook friend, a former co-worker from the 90’s for whom I’ve had (and continue to have) great respect. Always down the middle never banking Left or Right (like I do sometimes) with his social observations. He was always like that in person.

Today I saw his post where he was a voice crying out in the wilderness about the craziness and ugliness we see in today’s world, The question was a heart cry of getting the message of forgiveness out so we can stop this madness.

I would like to share what I wrote back to him, and it centers on a John MacArthur message “Forgiveness in the Age of Rage”, given September 8 2017. (I believe this was in response to Charlottesville, Virginia protests that turned violent.)

My Response:

Hey friend, the first thing I’ve had to personally recognize – I can’t control anyone but myself. Also if I believe God is completely in control, I have to give it all over to him in prayer (Philippians 4:6-7) and not be anxious.

I personally believe God is bringing judgement to us due to our corporate (meaning country-wide population) sins. It greatly saddens me. People are going for bad to worse. Only Jesus can stop this train if he chooses.

My only actions (and I believe anyone who follows Christ) I am diligently bathing my family’s hearts in God’s Word, standing (hopefully not fighting) for the truth, and being forgiving and gracious.

Bless you brother. Don’t let your heart be troubled. Trust in the one whom God sent – Jesus.

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