Establishment McConnell, Obamacare, and Word-Warriors Cruz and Meadows

I have serious misgivings about the processes and people we have in place in Washington D.C. In our modern day.  It’s not the Constitution that’s the problem, but rather the Senate and House procedures and the perverse thinking of the people who put them in place. Our representatives care more about themselves than the people they represent.

I call these people the #Establishment.  They care more about their wealth and power than the benefit of the country as a whole.  It represents the Socialism slide our leaders  have gone down, taking us further and further into a caste system of classes: Haves and Have-nots.

The Haves and Have-Nots

  • Our Rulers, our “better” are the Haves.
  • The Country Class (“us”) are broken into two simple categories:
    1. Those who have either fallen into the Under Employed / Unemployed category – forced either directly or indirectly by Government policy – the HAVE-NOTS
    2. Those who by fortunate choices early on in career, or being in a lucky gene-club (born to well-off parents), whatever – they have managed to have  path of gainful employment due to technical specialty or other need – the HAVES

I’m not a Black Lives Matter or Vagina Monologue sympathizer for the rebellion and violence they foment, but their message is rooted in the above – HAVE-NOT.  They are laying blame for problems at the wrong feet.   I point you, the reader, to either the 24 hour news cycle propaganda or our “Betters”, the ruling class, causing a chasm and perceived necessary dependence upon Government for the Country-Class existene (Haves and Have-nots) existence.

Side Note: I hope the recent CNN Russia Debacle has opened eyes and minds to the existence of a False News Narrative (FNN, #FakeNews.)

Obamacare and the Establishment

The problem of propaganda aside, the Washington ruling class is a serious problem.  First they (as #Establishment Democrats) foisted Obamacare on the country.  It wasn’t popular in 2010 and neither in 2016/2017 as its ramifications came to fruition: you can’t keep your doctor cause he quit (expensive Government Regulation) and the soaring cost for less-coverage (in Arizona with 110% increases and Health care costing more than a mortgage.) 

Another problem is we have a whole younger generation who matured knowing nothing but Obamacare and have an incorrect belief no one will have health coverage without a government guarantee.  Utter nonsense, but that’s what our “Betters” have engineered, on purpose.

That brings me to Mitch McConnell and the Obamacare Repeal this week. We’ve had “Republicans” promising to dump this job killing, bank account-draining albatross during the campaign. Now here it is and we have an #Establishment Republican standing in the way of Repeal.  In some ways he listens to the voices of his “buddies” in Washington D.C. And ignores the outcry from the rest of the Country-Class – outside the D.C. area. 

Whatever it is, he (and other Senators) believe his retention of Power and Wealth are dependent upon how the vote goes (primarily to keep the Law in place.).  Obamacare is onerous legislation that harms people more than helps. And our betters are more afraid of the media and the jabber in Washington that us out here in the country-class.  

Word Warriors to the Rescue

I am glad there is a Non-Violent Civil War (of words) going on right now.  Obamacare, other nasty harmful Obama policies need to be repealed and rolled back to give us health.  I am also thankful for word warriors like Mark Meadows and Ted Cruz taking the fight to Washington D.C.  On our behalf.  

The Hill had a decent write up on this today. 
Conservative warns McConnell to not give up on ObamaCare repeal

Send them your support via messages, social posts. Let the world know love of Obama policies is not universal – as liberals like to convince themselves – and scream at the rest of us if we disagree with them (Fascism.)

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