Diminish the Cause

I saw the following conversation appear in my Facebook “news”-feed last week, sharing an article.


This is the link to the unflattering Babylon Bee Article Which isolates some silly President Trump Twitter Tweets about a Whitehouse Step apparently Obama had constructed, followed by “Sick Guy”

The debate started when this person wrote “Resign already. You’re not up to the task.”

Friend-1 wrote back with all of Trump’s accomplishments … Author replied Trump is being petulant on Twitter … Friend-2 wrote about how morally flawed the President is … and Friend-2 asked “how can Christians defend (or support) Donald J Trump?” … I [FruitOnTheBottom] spoke of my appreciation for him taking arrows for things I believe in — Main Stream Media/Democrat Politicians like to berate & make fun of my beliefs … [Author]wrote God is judging the United States through the Presidency of Donald J Trump …
This went on for over 70 additional replies and sub-replies. 
A lot of sweat beads on brows and head butting. Sinful human beings out in the open, On the World Wide Web unable to reasonably agree in a reasonable dialog. Not a surprise.
The biggest impact I believe were the several non-conservative / Donald Trump detractors watching from the sidelines who either “Liked” the thread or offered a short reply somewhere. This is where I take a little issue with these Never-Trumpers, emboldening the detractors.

A little background:

I know these people. Go to church with these people – Evangelical plain-vanilla Christians. And we’ve been having these same discussions since before the completion of the November elections.
They are generally mild-mannered, reasonable, extremely intelligent folks. They are not your typical “Not my president” violent-protestor dirt bags setting streets on fire and smashing windows on banks and Starbucks stores.  But they probably get angry at the news of the day as sometimes we all do.
I was a Ted Cruz supporter until I couldn’t be one any longer.  I went with the candidate my side chose. 
These other guys, well … they decided to go the “Independent” route, which meant Libertarian Gary Johnson – who got smeared by the snobby know-it-all Establishment 24 hours news cycle for not knowing where-is Aleppo (Syria).  We all know now, at poor Gary’s expense.  But he is a huge Marijuana legalization guy, so I trust after losing badly in the election he rolled up a doob and went Bob Marley on the world: “Every little thing … gonna be alright.”  So I don’t feel too bad for him.
More disclosure: I am against Cannabis legalization, and I have for a long time been anti-Establishment (both Democrat AND Republican) as that is the group selling out our country for their own power.
Lastly “Make America Great Again” resonates with me. I remember a time growing up in the 80’s when National Pride was still okay.  Today if you have any love of country you’re an unsophisticated boob (that is what I refer to as #Establishment.)

Diminishing the President, Diminishing Their Cause

Never Trumpers

So here are these Never-Trumpers smashing the president, calling him names, dengrating him, and calling into question the thinking of Christians who would deign to support Donald J Trump. This morally flawed, un-Christian President.
In their mind they have separated the man from the issues. They could celebrate the victories if they just get over by whose hand they are coming.

The Never America Crowd

Trolling around is a small but rabid group that wants to see Donald J Trump AND his policies destroyed at all costs.  And these are people with whom we also go to church, and possibly some, not.
– Identity politics.
– Politics of Security (Government control of citizen lives in exchange for retirement, an Obamaphone, Health Care, etc.)
– Empathizing with Illegals and Syrian refugees (rather than guarding the fort at home, they disregard dangers coming across our borders.)
– One person even went so far to say they mourned with the people outside our country that Trump was elected.
These people watch this Facebook back & forth and cheer it on, not just for the [Author’s] sake of tearing down the president, but also for tearing down all for which he stands, his agenda.

  • Make America Great Again
  • Push against the predominant media culture defining its opponents through a slanted over broadcast
  • Stand for what is right, and push to make that happen
  • Guard our home borders for the citizens 
    • this doesn’t disregard the alien nor the widow as God has left us a pattern in His word (the Bible)
  • Enforce the Laws, not disregard them because it makes some people feel bad (for whatever reason.)
    • This is a perversion of Justice
  • Put Americans back to work
  • Reasonable Environmental Policy

(Under “normal?” circumstances the Never-Trumpers would be in agreement with these.)

Instead they take the tear-down route, which emboldens those who not only want to see Trump destroyed and resign, but also believe America is so guilty of crimes against humanity it deserves to be diminished. They are okay if America expose itself to the illegal alien and the Syrian refugee –  of whom approximately 20% of crossers were counted as  ISIS terrorists. (Think of the recent months with Terror attacks in Great Britain and France.)
When a Never-Trumper takes a stand against the rightly elected leader of the country, they are also taking a stand against the above items, emboldening the enemies (both foreign and domestic) to the US. This is the one part that fails to click. And all the while they look down their noses to those who do, as if they inhabit the Moral High Ground.

They are too blinded by their own pride to see that, but I love this quote from that thread:

From a Facebook reply:

You joined the other side by helping it get elected

[Responder] You joined the other side by helping it get elected when you took your vote away from the side you normally vote for … I don’t believe the ends justify the means either, and neither was that my argument. He’s not accomplishing his agenda by tweeting. He’s following the means set up by the Constitution to bring about the good ends seen above … the non-violent civil war is a reality whether you like it or not. Many conservatives have been talking about it for a while now, including Dennis Prager { America’s 2nd Civil War } and David Greenfield from Frontpage Magazine {The Civil War is Here}


What I appreciate about Trump

Do I like some of Trumps tweets? Not really. But I love the fact he is not a Washington Insider.  He is the richest person to behave like an average Joe-the-Plumber. 
He has really got the attention of the #Establishment as they are literally cracking up before our eyes.  (Maxine Watters is really having a public relations cow out there).

I see the politicians slamming him overseas, and CNN, MSNBC chasing the wind as they invent scandals to chase – like #Russia or Trump or the “Golden Showers” #dossier. It is literally Fake News. All made up to push a narrative people like John McCain and Jake Zuckerberg want to see pushed.  

But The cool thing is, the #Establishment know its threatened and that’s why they are acting they way they do now.

From a Facebook reply: 

One thing about Trump I appreciate: The Media, Democrats, and general Left like to Impugn, make fun of, castigate **everything** I believe in. Any-other and every-other elected “Republican” (#Establishment) has just sat there and took it. Trump is showing you can fight this crap back and the people back him up. The Tweets and some of his methods aren’t the best, but CNN and MSNBC dish this poison 92% anti-trump/anti-myBeliefs (and it was the same during Bush years) – just as bad during Reagan’s years with the 3 big networks. I’m tired of the hypocrisy where the left can play dirty and the right has to sit there and take it with a grin. I’m glad. Go Trump


Final Thought

Never-Trump-ism has its roots in two things:

  1. Trump is confident (“your gonna get used to winning” he says) — Today, you aren’t supposed to be that confident
  2. The October Surprise if the Access Hollywood tape being released by NBC
    • In it Trump said some pretty awful things, believing the camera to be off
    • It was “illegally” released by NBC. It violated California Law to release a secretly recorded message of someone without there knowledge 
How dare a pig like that get-off acting as if he can take the Moral high ground when he’s just a bottom feeder? 
That tape has had the desired affect of turning off some Christians.  I get that. That tape made me cringe.
But his confidence is something of which to take note. We are not allowed to be this confident today, especially as men. They modern day snowflakes liken it to arrogance, preferring the cowardly, back-seat, passive aggressive type male, James Comey as Mister Sexy/Hot.
America needs a Donald J Trump – and everything that he is – to be President. He has balls. Brass ones. This is a rare characteristic trait. Look at Jeb Bush, or Mit Romney, or John Kasich. These guys still sitting around with hurt feelings after the 2016 campaign. (Mit only because he was a Never Trumper not running for election.). Each of them the passive aggressive, play the Establishment game-i-tarians. They would let Obamacare – the most damaging legislation ever passed in muy lifetime – stand without so much a whisper of opposition, let Iran keep the current Nuclear deal while trying some “sly” route to break it down, and try to place with the Media and Democrats to show they can “reach across the aisle.” In other words, our country would’ve continued its downward slide. Excpet by God’s grace he gave a strong President in Donald J Trump.
So when the Never Trumpers sound off against the President, they are sounding off against what is good for the country, and what is quite possibly their own beliefs. Like Jesus said – he who is with-you/for-you is not against you. Can’t quite ge these #NT believers there. But I’m, hoping.

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