Jim Comey’s “‘House of Cards”

There are two narratives that came out of the James Comey hearings on Thursday 8, June 2017:

1) James Comey made Trump look really bad
2) James Comey made the Russia Debacle look like a “Nothing Burger” and he himself looks really bad.

Watching House of Cards of Netflix, this whole affair in Washington is beginning to be reminiscent of the dirty-feel-politics of House of Cards.  Real Life is truly becoming as-crazy, or crazier, than fiction.

My first exposure to James Comey came from the Hillary Clinton email server scandal – which of course itself came to nothing.  By no means was this due to lack of criminal evidence (See this LA Times article published June 2017 re-combing through the statements) as detailed by then FBI Director Comey in press conference.  Rather, he would not prosecute because there was no intent to commit a crime (awww shucks, Hillary is just a hick from Arkansas.)  For me his credibility was shot at that point.

Of course he pretended to reopen the investigation after Loretta Lynch secretly met Bill Clinton on the tarmac  in Phoenix, Arizona.  Comey “lost faith” in the DOJ investigation – which again came to nothing.  Credibility getting even lower.

Now there’s this whole issue of Comey is fired and now he is testifying before congress that

  1. He leaked memos he took of one-on-one conversations he had with President Trump (misrepresenting the actual meeting content based on feelings)
  2. He didn’t confront the president on anything he thought suspect because he was cowardly (Comey’s testimony words, not my own)
  3. He was trying to get a Special Investigation going into Russia and Trump

From my point of view (for anyone who cares) on the Russian Election Involvement – its opposition party politics trying to make up another lame excuse why Hillary Lost.  The problem is it is being used to tear up the country, anger another country (Russia), and waste millions of tax payer dollars and time when there is so much other desperate need in our country.  But the #Establishment of our Government (even the so-called “Deep State”) doesn’t care.  All that matters is their power.

And this is the house of cards.  James Comey has been seemingly LOVING this spotlight attention.  He can feel important to the cause for his 15 minutes of fame, not knowing those truly in power are going to use him up, spit him out, and move on to the next “big thing” that will help destabilize the President, leaving Comey on the side of the road to lick his wounds and even stand up and walk away in solitude on his own.

But this is a situation almost of his own making – or at least orchestrated by someone he wants to please, but Comey will take the fall.  He already looks like crap to the rest of us Flyover-NonEstablishment country folks.

So I come across this rather lengthy article, as posted by @Brit Hume on Twitter, A Federalist article by Sean Davis.  It was a good read and even confirms what we suspect of Comey – a partisan opportunist who will use any situations and pervert it to his advantage.

Read here: http://thefederalist.com/2017/05/17/former-attorney-general-on-comeys-integrity-jims-loyalty-was-more-to-chuck-schumer/ 

So this brings me to my final thought on this whole house of cards.  God gave some very clear commands to the kings of Israel in Deuteronomy, one of which I captured as Verse-Image in my YouVersion account today:

{The King} 18 “And when he sits on the throne of his kingdom, 2 Ki 11:12

“>hhe shall write for himself in a book a copy of this law, Dt 31:9 Dt 31:26 2 Ki 22:8 2 Ch 34:14