Eliminating Spiritual Toxins

By John MacArthur, Grace To You

Anger, Malice, deceit, Gossip. If we are holding steadfast to God ‘s word but allow these to slip into our daily lives, it’s like someone who works out diligently, keeping their nutrition dialed in, but drinks a heavy beer (tons of calories) every night and wonders why their body doesn’t change as quickly. (No, the lesson here isn’t switching to a light beer. C’mon now 😉)


This Is the Best Dinosaur Fossil of Its Kind Ever Found

This article states this fully formed fossil is 110-Million Years Old. With Carbon dating so unreliable how do they know?

Consider this: This animal was walking the Earth when God put Adam and Eve in the garden, and a catastrophic sudden World Wide Flood buried this creature under layers of sediment (while Noah floated in an ark for several months)