Booting the Press: @RealDonaldTrump Style

This almost doesn’t deserve a stand-alone blog from me, but I have to say SOMETHING because I am compelled.  And my summary point is, if after treating someone so badly, why do they act surprised when they are prevented from being around him?

The first Amendment does not guarantee your right to be where ever the president happens to be.  It just guarantees your right to say whatever you want.  Even if it is #FakeNews


Story: White house blocks News Organizations from press briefing

Let the Caterwauling begin

CNN was blocked from WH ‘s media gaggle today. This is our response:


 @NyTimes From Twitter

Journalists from The New York Times, CNN and Politico were barred from attending a White House briefing


Let the Suspensions Begin

These are the groups, with their constant character assassination and mis-characterization of the President and his actions, expect to be treated as if they are the Crème de la Crème, after writing abusive, derogatory, or misleading print items,  like the following:


“It’s like Nixonian times again. I just thought he would have a thicker skin.”  (Article Link)

President Trump signing an executive order on Friday. Even Mr. Trump’s long history of press dealings may not have prepared him for the intensity of the coverage he gets now.

 Describing Steve Bannon as a bad hire, White House Missteps, and WH Defensive behavior.

Or This …

Rory McIlroy defends decision to golf with Donald Trump  (people called him a bigot)


I don’t expect the media to learn their lesson.  But this is fun to watch.




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