Democrats/Liberals are Sore Losers

Seriously, this mess with the 2016 Election is getting over-the-top, Jump-the-shark ridiculous.
The post-election tantrum has sent things over the top, adding this “Russian” hacking story from the Obama Whitehouse has tattooed “Bad Loser” on the democrats and liberal compadres.  What this all points to is Hillary nor her comrade’s accept the election results, and are willing to dip into their bag of dirty tricks to subvert the will of the people. Liberals are sore-losers.
After Trump’s election night win, lets recount events:
  1. George Soros hires protestors and sends them into Oregon and California and others places:
  2. Barak Obama goes over-seas and just bad-mouths Trump
  3. Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party calls for recounts in three states:  Election Results in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.
  4. Democrat Intimidation of Electoral College electors
  5. The White House creates Fake news, water carried by the “Main Stream Media” that The Russians influenced the elections in US to get Hillary Elected
    • Reince Priebus tells on obstinate/deaf Chuck Todd NBC Meet the Press : The RNC Servers did not get hacked.  All Main Stream Media pounded a narrative over the weekend of this “hacking” as the White House maneuvered to invalidate the election results.
      • ” This is the tried-and-true media way of delegitimizing, destroying, impugning, discrediting Republicans for as long as we have all been alive.  This is fake news, just like the video at Benghazi was responsible for what happened there.  Look how that took hold. The guy that did the video’s in jail.  This is how fake news happens.  The Washington Post and the New York Times are the biggest perpetrators of fake news in this country today, and they (music) now.” 

They don’t accept defeat at all. If they win, don’t you dare say anything about their chosen. Policy, personal or otherwise.  That out of bounds.  If they are criticized for bad behavior after losing (as now) they mindless toss out adjectives like “Racist, bigot, homophobe” just to shut down conversation.

It is no wonder, with leadership examples like they have these days, that liberals are sore-losers.

I love this tweet and comment from @realDonaldTrump on Monday.  Fits perfectly in a multitude of angles with the thoughts in this blog.  (The Screenshot itself is a link to John Podesta, Hillary’s Campaign manager, involved with a Russian interest, working on their behalf.) Which makes them hypocrites. Hypocritical Sore-losers.

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