The prompting for this post comes out of the political turmoil we see in our country today. It is a case where one side was legitimately victorious, and the other side is unwilling to except it and is attempting to go nuclear in their reaction to change the outcome.
We have seen protests in the streets that resulted in vandalism, people being shot in Oregon, and one very sad video from Chicago where Trump-haters ganged up on, and pummeled someone discovered to have voted for Trump- and then driving away with his car. This linked story reports the events and that four of those on video will be charged with a crime. There are also multiple reports of buses bringing people from out of town to protest, and they are more than likely sponsored by George Soros funded organization. (I am also rightfully concerned the Democratic national committee is also sponsoring this violence as well since James Okeefe caught them admitted on camera they hired The protesters at Trump rally’s to cause violence during the primaries.)
Barbara Boxer, senator from California is introducing legislation to eliminate the electoral college, effectively to make a republic a direct democracy determined by the major population centers. Those Who don’t except the electoral college results are petitioning Congress for what amounts to be the same as the Boxer Bill. But some of the same groups are also threatening electoral college voters and intimidating them to vote for Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump as the voters have selected.
President Obama, on his overseas trip, continues to play the divider in chief encouraging the anti-trump protesters to not stay silent but to keep on. Click here for the news story.
And of course the usual suspects start burning the American Flag under protected Free-Speech and the Left Wing Media comes out and flambé’s president elect Donald Trump for rashly suggesting these people showing disrespect be thrown into Jail or lose their citizenship.
While it may not be legal to jail someone, that person’s lack of respect not just for the flag, but for any authority is called into question, and they just may wind up in jail anyways.
But this does not just stop at a national level, I have seen the personal side of this ugliness from the Facebook posts of people with whom I am “Facebook friends” – in all social walks: job, neighborhood, church, family. They have felt it necessary to make their point in an unrestrained angry, demeaning, derogatory, adjective-laced fashion. The most surprising has been this toxin slithering up amidst the group that claims to be “The Church” (the body called out by Jesus as His temple and ambassadors on Earth.)
Liberals, when they lose, do not look to accept results and carry on with life until the next chance they get to convince hearts and minds to vote for their ideas. But then again, liberals are not good at floating ideas and solutions – they float fear and anxiety against their opponents while presenting a platform that resembles nothing in the way they govern when in power.
When an election like 2016 occurs – an utter repudiation of the Democrat Socialist policies – liberals/liberal sympathizers push chaos into our streets and show it live on television. All the while they blame the winners (Trump/Republicans/Conservatives) labeling them and the people who voted for them haters, racists, bigots, prejudicial bigots. Effectively practicing the very accusations they cast upon others. This is accompanied by a tantrum of which we haven’t seen the likes at least in my lifetime. Maybe someone who saw the 60’s turmoil could comment.
I clearly recall the date in 2008 when Barack Obama was announced as the next president of United States. I was not a happy camper, referencing B.O.’s presidency as Jimmy Carter’s 2nd (and eventually 3rd) term. My life would move on, and it did. I didn’t go on Facebook doing a bunch of social media rants and I didn’t march in the streets setting them on fire or calling people names. I can only imagine what would happen if I or someone like me would have done that. The media crucifixion, the social ostracizing, The list goes on and on. (And be mindful, Barak has succeeded in grinding down our country beyond any liberal’s wildest imagination, and he still gets away with in some minds, and most media, to blame George W. Bush for the Malaise … I addressed the true culprit for the housing market meltdown which caused a recession in this post: Sub-Prime Mortgage – Fruit on the Bottom https://fruitonthebottom.com/category/sub-prime-mortgage/)
The Tea Party did respond to Obama and the Democrat ascendancy in both houses of Congress as a grassroots effort of people gathering at their local government seats protesting big government and it’s oppressive boot on the neck of citizens. That group was called “the Tea Party.” The elite establishment could not handle it and still impugn this group. The Elite don’t engage in intellectual debate, preferring name-calling and hate-baiting in the hopes to discredit their opponents via (again repeating) media crucifixion and social ostracizing.
My wife was recently telling me of a post on Facebook where a leftist blogger encouraged their followers to unfriend and disassociate with people who have different political views than themselves. Their point was politics is all there is, politics is life, and if your political views do not line up you must leave that person. Very coarse, extreme talk. #Hate

Consider this passage from God’s word in the New Testament:

2 Tim 4:3 For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, 4 and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.

This is the #hatred barraging us today as people give full vent to their spirit, either in anger, fear or both. Reasonably, this is unacceptable, but we are past reason in this country.

The common courtesy of listening to one another is dying as “itching ear syndrome” spreads. This is due to the chasm between “Light” and our socially accepted “Darkness” growing so wide.
What I refer to as the “light” stands on moral tradition and constructionist-ideology (referring to adhering to the Constitution of the United States as founded) whereas what I reference as Darkness is pushing an envelope that persistently casts off any restraints on behavior and lifestyles. This is why violent protests by an unholy opposition is okay and even supported by a Mainstream Media and national political party. With that encouragement, believers in the Media and this given political party go onto Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc and give complete vent to their Spirits, emptying out a complete serving of vile depravity in print.
That full vent is just #Hate.
And “they” (the venters) are okay with it. It’s pretty gross.

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