Things that make me go ‘Hmmmm?’

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I am old (1980’s old, so not old as dirt – yet.)
There is a song from around that era that sang “Things that make you go Hmmmm?
I’m watching the last push of political commercials and Hillary had this one:  Don, the Air Force Veteran –  “Republican” The nut of it is this:
The Access Hollywood “Private Conversation” video between Trump and Billy Bush was the last straw, he couldn’t vote for Trump any longer.
Then the punch line said by the Republican-Hillary-Voter” says:
“We don’t see eye to everything but she’s strong and I respect her.  And she’s someone that my Grandkids can respect too.”
So here’s my question. Which of Hilary’s actions or behavior does he respect?
  1. Her arming ISIS (basically helping a terrorist group) through a secret gun-running operation in Benghazi, then letting American’s die on Sept 11, 2012.  
    Providing aid and arms to an enemy, even aiding in their growth – at the cost of your own countrymen’s live: was that honorable and respectable?

  2. Hillary Lied to America about the reason for the Benghzi uprising, calling out an unknown video by unknown producer, then putting him jail for an IRS violation. 
    Is political revenge respectable?

  3. Hillary bullied and destroyed the lives of the women her husband Bill either abused or had consensual affairs via the “Bimbo Eruptions unit.”  
    Is this a respectable behavior on Hillary’s part, something your family should hold up high as an example to live by?

    1. Here is a list:
  4. The whole email scandal involving lying, contempt of Congress, purgery.
    Is that respectable, someone your kids and Grandkids can look up to?

    1. Wikileaks has been pivotal in exposing this mess:
  5. Hillary coordinated with the Democrat party to create situations of violence at Trump political rallies.  
    Is this a respectable act that can be honored and emulated by your family?

Thats just a few thoughts, and yes I realize these are just political ads that scream “I am not objective,” but considering the statement made in these commercials about being respectable, there a these and quite a few more “Things that make me go Hmmmm?

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