Elections 2016: Reasons for Optimism – and YOU should be

UPDATED 11/7/2016

I firmly believe we have a lot more to be optimistic over that Trump will prevail than not.  And YOU should be optimistic too.

This election has been more fear over “crooked” Hillary getting elected that it has been joy for Trump winning.  But I will also remind all of us, Trump has surrounded himself with people I trust, and he has a message I can believe in.

I constantly tell people in conversation, if the Democrat  were Bernie Sanders as the Democrat nominee I would be a lot less vocal about my opposition to his candidacy . His policies would effectively be identical to those of Hillary Clinton.

As we know, revealed by Wikileaks, Bernie Sanders was in a rigged primary.  He was never supposed to win.  Hillary worked with the media and the Democrat party (Debbie Wasserman Schultz) to invent this notion of Super Delegates to vote Hillary are effectively “Trump” the will of the people.

Then via Wikileaks we have also learned Hillary and her campaign worked hand in hand with the media to build up Donald Trump to help him get the nomination.  The campaign felt they had the upper hand to beat Trump in the General.  And boy did the media do their work.

During the primary Trump was on every station getting glowing reviews and puff time. Then came the party Conventions in June, the nominees were announced, and the General Election began – and so also began the media to turn against the Donald – as coordinated with he Hillary campaign (revealed by Wikileaks.)

The news has used “polls” to make news, which has up to this point been how Clinton was statistically ahead of Trump.  The polling places call about 1,000 – 3,000 homes/people and ask for whom are they are voting.  They loved showing the US Map of 50 states as mostly blue.  91% of the Trump news coverage was bad or hostile.

The first debates came and Trump seemed more willing to defend himself than attack Hillary’s positions. NBC Executives, holding a Grudge, released an Access Hollywood video of trump saying some crude things that make a civilized person blush.  Funny part is, the “then” reporter with Trump, Billy Bush, wanted the video released and even bragged about it.  NBC fired him for his role … 11 years ago. Karma.

The news media puff pieced Hillary and smeared Trump frequently.  It looked like Trump was a sinking ship and we would be stuck with a Hillary presidency  further dismantling of America under  crushing Democrat socialist style policies. A “crooked” Hillary presidency at that.  She looked inevitable, and we would have the Clinton Corruption front and center of our national conscience for at least four years.

But my own observations never made quite aligned with what I was being told.


  • Trump has enthusiasm and momentum
  • Hillary has insults and Alicia Machado.
  • Trump is accused (falsely mostly) of being a Bigot, Racist, Homophobe, Mysoginist
  • Hillary is accused of Criminal level behavior – selling access to herself and Bill, sharing confidential data with unauthorized individual

Then the FBI reopened the case against Hillary for deleted emails and sharing classified information with the wrong people.  Combine this with Wikileaks and the James O’Keefe videos going undercover with Democrats exposing the scandal beneath he sheen.  All of this has made a potent cocktail of bad news.

  • The Evan McMullin fake presidential run is even starting to fizzle out in Utah.
  • States heralded by the media as being for Hillary are now contested.
  • Every time a poll specifics are evaluated, they are oversampling traditional Hillary voters (democrats) by 10+% – which helps account for any lead she has in any poll. Given that truth, then most polls showing her ahead are flat wrong.  And now I see this Headline Roundup on Drudge Report in battle ground polls for trump:

Pat Caddell, former pollster for the Jimmy Carter Administration, is predicting a Trump win.  He is seeing the same scenario this year as he did in 1980: all the polls kept saying the Democrat Jimmy Carter would win, but in the end Ronald Reagan won in a landslide, leaving the talking heads confused wonder what happened. Listen to a Rush Limbaugh montage of that 1980 Election Night coverage and shock.
A great many of us were concerned Hillary was going to easily pull this out.  It is not so straight-forward any longer.

For all these reasons, if you are concerned for a Trump loss, you have more reason to be optimistic than not.  This trend wil likely to continue barring another deflating October/November surprise from the media/democrats.  But with all the panic and childish name calling happening right now, I suspect that is not the case.

We’ll see come this coming Wednesday Morning, 11/9.

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