Clinton’s bring Chaos

It is odd in my mind I can make this statement now: “I have been around a long time and …”
The realization of my age settled on me when I heard rock songs I grew up with being played over the loud speakers of my local grocery store!  To make matters worse!  80’s music (my X-Generation music catalog) is qualified as “Cool-FM” oldies!  What is going on here!?  Then there is the matter of my chin.  The hair is going from mostly dark brown to mostly gray.  Forget my noggin – I succumbed and started shaving that off years ago!
Trust me, the 90’s music catalog that I had during my 20’s will be there shortly.
The television I watched growing up: Love Boat|Fantasy Island Fridays on ABC, Must-Watch-TV Cosby Show, Cheers and Night Court on Thursdays; Seinfeld; Friends; Magnum PI; Star Trek – all them 😃 – all part of the TV Hall of Fame.  Time and the world have all moved on.
I have been around a looooong time.
Given that fact I say this with certitude: I have not experienced a more tumultuous time in our USA country than right now.  It seems whenever the Clintons are involved chaos is the order of the day. They tend to stir things up thinking Muddy Waters allows them to do their dirty deeds in secret.unfortunately for the most part that has been the case.
And sure the storm is not banging directly against my boat – God has been gracious to me and my family, but it sure weighs on the boat of my heart at times.
  • Racial tensions boiling over
    • causing even the most reasonable among us to cry out
    • tearing at the fabric of our society  (you may feel far away, but its cultural ramifications affects us all)
    • Some have suspected our Governments highest reaches (our dear own president himself ) of promoting if not even causing this turmoils
  • Two political candidates who at their best represent the bottom of the food chain in the United States
    • Donald Trump : plain spoken, unapologetic, rough on the edges, angry against the establishment
    • Hillary Clinton : “crooked” and “corrupt”, passive aggressive in her anger as she protects her #Establishment status
Funny thing is WikiLeaks of Hillary’s emails revealed collusion between her and the media to puff up Donald Trump to ensure he was her opponent, thinking he would be more easily defeated then Ted Cruz.  I think that is going to come back and bite Hillary in the rear.
  • Wikileaks revealing the emails Hillary Clinton denied existed
    • The FBI (the LAW of the Land) Colluding with the Hillary campaign to protect her from prosecution
    • President Obama saying he knew nothing about Hillary email server, but was sending her emails there
  • Benghazi: Our government (Yup! Hillary) allowing our own Ambassador to be killed in an attack, not offering security forces to help, and then blaming a YouTube video producer.
  • Legalization of Marijuana in states
  • Hillary Clinton Campaign caught confessing to causing Violence at Trump Rallies: James O’Keefe the under cover video Bandido just released evidence of a Democrat staff are admitting to hiring Suggs to cause chaos in Chicago for Trump. He eluded to the fact Hillary was aware but wanted to give her plausible deniability.
  • The Democrat party and Clinton Campaign Rigging the Primary elections to ensure Bernie Sanders lost.
    • CNN just fired Donna Brazil for passing debate questions in advance to Hillary.(smoke and mirrors for their lack of objectivity. They want to pretend to be above it all.)
We could seriously go on for days. We can talk about Whitewater money laundering. We can talk about Monica Lewinsky and interns. We can talk about White House coffees where President Clinton was taking donations to his own personal fund.  There is the mysterious death of former Secretary of State Ron Brown: a plane accident but evidence alludes to foul play.  Bill Clinton took multiple flights to pedophile island with his friend who ran the island. And there is also the Clinton family initiative, a foundation that has been revealed to be leverage as Peifer play organization that the Clintons and Rich themselves with.
Seriously, I’m getting tired just write about it so know this, when the Clintons are involved expect chaos. If Hillary makes it back into the White House with her husband Bill we will have continued chaos and the thing that strikes me the most when I contemplate her ascension is God would give us order and peace over chaos.   As a nation who has rejected God, if we get Hillary and Bill we are getting exactly what our actions and culture deserve and even want.

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