The prompting for this post comes out of the political turmoil we see in our country today. It is a case where one side was legitimately victorious, and the other side is unwilling to except it and is attempting to go nuclear in their reaction to change the outcome.
We have seen protests in the streets that resulted in vandalism, people being shot in Oregon, and one very sad video from Chicago where Trump-haters ganged up on, and pummeled someone discovered to have voted for Trump- and then driving away with his car. This linked story reports the events and that four of those on video will be charged with a crime. There are also multiple reports of buses bringing people from out of town to protest, and they are more than likely sponsored by George Soros funded organization. (I am also rightfully concerned the Democratic national committee is also sponsoring this violence as well since James Okeefe caught them admitted on camera they hired The protesters at Trump rally’s to cause violence during the primaries.)
Barbara Boxer, senator from California is introducing legislation to eliminate the electoral college, effectively to make a republic a direct democracy determined by the major population centers. Those Who don’t except the electoral college results are petitioning Congress for what amounts to be the same as the Boxer Bill. But some of the same groups are also threatening electoral college voters and intimidating them to vote for Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump as the voters have selected.
President Obama, on his overseas trip, continues to play the divider in chief encouraging the anti-trump protesters to not stay silent but to keep on. Click here for the news story.
And of course the usual suspects start burning the American Flag under protected Free-Speech and the Left Wing Media comes out and flambé’s president elect Donald Trump for rashly suggesting these people showing disrespect be thrown into Jail or lose their citizenship.
While it may not be legal to jail someone, that person’s lack of respect not just for the flag, but for any authority is called into question, and they just may wind up in jail anyways.
But this does not just stop at a national level, I have seen the personal side of this ugliness from the Facebook posts of people with whom I am “Facebook friends” – in all social walks: job, neighborhood, church, family. They have felt it necessary to make their point in an unrestrained angry, demeaning, derogatory, adjective-laced fashion. The most surprising has been this toxin slithering up amidst the group that claims to be “The Church” (the body called out by Jesus as His temple and ambassadors on Earth.)
Liberals, when they lose, do not look to accept results and carry on with life until the next chance they get to convince hearts and minds to vote for their ideas. But then again, liberals are not good at floating ideas and solutions – they float fear and anxiety against their opponents while presenting a platform that resembles nothing in the way they govern when in power.
When an election like 2016 occurs – an utter repudiation of the Democrat Socialist policies – liberals/liberal sympathizers push chaos into our streets and show it live on television. All the while they blame the winners (Trump/Republicans/Conservatives) labeling them and the people who voted for them haters, racists, bigots, prejudicial bigots. Effectively practicing the very accusations they cast upon others. This is accompanied by a tantrum of which we haven’t seen the likes at least in my lifetime. Maybe someone who saw the 60’s turmoil could comment.
I clearly recall the date in 2008 when Barack Obama was announced as the next president of United States. I was not a happy camper, referencing B.O.’s presidency as Jimmy Carter’s 2nd (and eventually 3rd) term. My life would move on, and it did. I didn’t go on Facebook doing a bunch of social media rants and I didn’t march in the streets setting them on fire or calling people names. I can only imagine what would happen if I or someone like me would have done that. The media crucifixion, the social ostracizing, The list goes on and on. (And be mindful, Barak has succeeded in grinding down our country beyond any liberal’s wildest imagination, and he still gets away with in some minds, and most media, to blame George W. Bush for the Malaise … I addressed the true culprit for the housing market meltdown which caused a recession in this post: Sub-Prime Mortgage – Fruit on the Bottom https://fruitonthebottom.com/category/sub-prime-mortgage/)
The Tea Party did respond to Obama and the Democrat ascendancy in both houses of Congress as a grassroots effort of people gathering at their local government seats protesting big government and it’s oppressive boot on the neck of citizens. That group was called “the Tea Party.” The elite establishment could not handle it and still impugn this group. The Elite don’t engage in intellectual debate, preferring name-calling and hate-baiting in the hopes to discredit their opponents via (again repeating) media crucifixion and social ostracizing.
My wife was recently telling me of a post on Facebook where a leftist blogger encouraged their followers to unfriend and disassociate with people who have different political views than themselves. Their point was politics is all there is, politics is life, and if your political views do not line up you must leave that person. Very coarse, extreme talk. #Hate

Consider this passage from God’s word in the New Testament:

2 Tim 4:3 For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, 4 and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.

This is the #hatred barraging us today as people give full vent to their spirit, either in anger, fear or both. Reasonably, this is unacceptable, but we are past reason in this country.

The common courtesy of listening to one another is dying as “itching ear syndrome” spreads. This is due to the chasm between “Light” and our socially accepted “Darkness” growing so wide.
What I refer to as the “light” stands on moral tradition and constructionist-ideology (referring to adhering to the Constitution of the United States as founded) whereas what I reference as Darkness is pushing an envelope that persistently casts off any restraints on behavior and lifestyles. This is why violent protests by an unholy opposition is okay and even supported by a Mainstream Media and national political party. With that encouragement, believers in the Media and this given political party go onto Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc and give complete vent to their Spirits, emptying out a complete serving of vile depravity in print.
That full vent is just #Hate.
And “they” (the venters) are okay with it. It’s pretty gross.

The Social Media Vomitorium

Today marks the 7th day since Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States, and predictably some people are happy, some are wait-and-see, others (and plenty of them) have been in vile-anger-hatred mode.
Social media has provided a venue like never before to barf an opinion to the world and make a point.  Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks (Matthew 12:34) and close friends, decent neighbors and friendly casual acquaintances, and some people who attend the same church as I,  all effectively told me they hate me, look down on me, and they can’t stand me.  All indirectly of course – because I didn’t vote for their candidate.
I am the embodiment of evil to them.  The next time I see them they’ll be as cordial and kind as ever.  But irrational Facebook rants or hurtful pointed Twitter posts have exposed what is truly in the heart of man, and that will be in the back of my mind when we interact.  Count on it.  Not because I want to have it there.  It’s because they put it there, as a giant flag in the front lawn of their character.
For my part, I did try to combat what I saw as irrational negativity being thrown by those in political opposition to my point of view, so I did post optimistic views and actions for my candidate.  Thumbs up pictures of my wife and me voting.  Telling folks there is more reason to be optimistic for my side than not.  I even posted a blog about it : Election 2016 – Reasons to be optimistic.   Even then I noted the fear-mongering and the intellectually vacant name-calling:
For all these reasons, if you are concerned for a Trump loss, you have more reason to be optimistic than not.  This trend wil likely to continue barring another deflating October/November surprise from the media/democrats.  But with all the panic and childish name calling happening right now, I suspect that is not the case.
I am clear of conscience I didn’t say anything that demeaned anyone’s character nor said anything factually incorrect about the candidate I opposed, even when opposing strongly.  When someone had something factual they disagreed with my candidate, I may not have liked it, but I never count that as a derogatory statement.  When the adjectives from hate start pouring forth, that is when they cross the line.
Seriously, when people have to resort to name calling and throwing adjectives around, they have nothing.  Just hatred and bile.   Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks (Matthew 12:34).
In previous days of liberal losses, people were stuck with CNN, MSNBC, NPR and the big networks to lament America’s choice.  Peter Jennings (former ABC news anchor through the 90’s up to 2007, his final sign-off) said in the 1994 midterm elections during Bill Clinton’s presidency, the voters threw a tantrum because they gave Republicans won control of Congress with a decent majority:

“Some thoughts on those angry voters. Ask parents of any two-year-old and they can tell you about those temper tantrums: the stomping feet, the rolling eyes, the screaming. It’s clear that the anger controls the child and not the other way around. It’s the job of the parent to teach the child to control the anger and channel it in a positive way. Imagine a nation full of uncontrolled two-year-old rage. The voters had a temper tantrum last week.…Parenting and governing don’t have to be dirty words: the nation can’t be run by an angry two-year-old.”

— ABC World News Tonight anchor Peter Jennings in his daily ABC Radio commentary, November 14.

Source: Media Research Center

Personally, I was deftly concerned (even fearful) of a Barak Obama presidency (a sin itself for not fully trusting God.)  I shared the sentiment of Rush Limbaugh in hoping Obama’s policies would fail, but they have succeeded wildly beyond imagination:
  • Obamacare
  • Frank-Dodd Finance Act
  • Benghazi ISIS Gun Running
  • Command and Control government philosophy plunging us deeper into a mailaise that trends towards recession
  • 1/3 of US population out of work on Government assistance
  • Iran nuclear deal
… many of us out here in Fly-over-country don’t see this as a success.  Check this: you did not see me taking to social media to impugn anyone at that time. Most people probably couldn’t recall my position at that time.  I took the loss and watched the world move on as my life moved on without derogatorily harassing a single Obama voter as they glowed over Hope and Change. God demands better from his kids (thats me.)
How would you react if someone like me sat here railing at voters for Barak Obama, or Hillary Clinton as Stupid, moronic, without a brain, and other endless insults hurled at me? Knowing Liberal reactions, I would still get the “What-for” and have heaped on abuses on my Facebook profile not to mention in person.
Today people are free to unleash on social media, give the world a “What-for” and really show what’s in their hearts.  Hopefully those who use Social Media as their avenue of anger expression will eventually come to regret the derogatory statements they’ve made and even begin to remove them from their profiles. But regrettably the damage has been done.
I will remind the reader there is Grace. God’s grace.  He washes away the sins of the past and makes you a new creation.  And because of that reality in my life, there is also near-immediate forgiveness from me for the not-so-kind statements being hurled about.
The Internet has a long memory, and the people they offended or hurt have memories as well. Hopefully Grace will cover a multitude of sins and they will become lost memories.  I prefer sweet friendship over an adversarial, personal grudge myself – as I suspect most people do.

Why doesn’t God do something about injustice? Lessons from Amos 5 — Tim Chester

What about suffering? Why doesn’t God do something about injustice? If God is a God of love and power then why doesn’t he stop wars and end poverty? I wonder if you’ve every asked questions like that. For some people they’re merely a way of pushing the thought of God away – much as you […]

via Why doesn’t God do something about injustice? Lessons from Amos 5 — Tim Chester


Given how easily the words “Justice” and “Injustice” are thrown around in the United States these days, a look at the ultimate recompense for Injustice is a good prescription for our culture today.

– Rick

Things that make me go ‘Hmmmm?’

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I am old (1980’s old, so not old as dirt – yet.)
There is a song from around that era that sang “Things that make you go Hmmmm?
I’m watching the last push of political commercials and Hillary had this one:  Don, the Air Force Veteran –  “Republican” The nut of it is this:
The Access Hollywood “Private Conversation” video between Trump and Billy Bush was the last straw, he couldn’t vote for Trump any longer.
Then the punch line said by the Republican-Hillary-Voter” says:
“We don’t see eye to everything but she’s strong and I respect her.  And she’s someone that my Grandkids can respect too.”
So here’s my question. Which of Hilary’s actions or behavior does he respect?
  1. Her arming ISIS (basically helping a terrorist group) through a secret gun-running operation in Benghazi, then letting American’s die on Sept 11, 2012.  
    Providing aid and arms to an enemy, even aiding in their growth – at the cost of your own countrymen’s live: was that honorable and respectable?

  2. Hillary Lied to America about the reason for the Benghzi uprising, calling out an unknown video by unknown producer, then putting him jail for an IRS violation. 
    Is political revenge respectable?

  3. Hillary bullied and destroyed the lives of the women her husband Bill either abused or had consensual affairs via the “Bimbo Eruptions unit.”  
    Is this a respectable behavior on Hillary’s part, something your family should hold up high as an example to live by?

    1. Here is a list: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/12/31/rap-sheet-the-women-who-claim-to-be-victims-of-bill-and-hillary-clinton/
  4. The whole email scandal involving lying, contempt of Congress, purgery.
    Is that respectable, someone your kids and Grandkids can look up to?

    1. Wikileaks has been pivotal in exposing this mess: https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/
  5. Hillary coordinated with the Democrat party to create situations of violence at Trump political rallies.  
    Is this a respectable act that can be honored and emulated by your family?

    1. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2016/10/17/exclusive-okeefe-video-sting-exposes-bird-dogging-democrats-effort-to-incite-violence-at-trump-rallies/
    2. http://www.redstate.com/patterico/2016/10/17/explosive-james-okeefe-video-democrat-operatives-boast-provoking-violence-trump-events/
Thats just a few thoughts, and yes I realize these are just political ads that scream “I am not objective,” but considering the statement made in these commercials about being respectable, there a these and quite a few more “Things that make me go Hmmmm?

Elections 2016: Reasons for Optimism – and YOU should be

UPDATED 11/7/2016

I firmly believe we have a lot more to be optimistic over that Trump will prevail than not.  And YOU should be optimistic too.

This election has been more fear over “crooked” Hillary getting elected that it has been joy for Trump winning.  But I will also remind all of us, Trump has surrounded himself with people I trust, and he has a message I can believe in.

I constantly tell people in conversation, if the Democrat  were Bernie Sanders as the Democrat nominee I would be a lot less vocal about my opposition to his candidacy . His policies would effectively be identical to those of Hillary Clinton.

As we know, revealed by Wikileaks, Bernie Sanders was in a rigged primary.  He was never supposed to win.  Hillary worked with the media and the Democrat party (Debbie Wasserman Schultz) to invent this notion of Super Delegates to vote Hillary are effectively “Trump” the will of the people.

Then via Wikileaks we have also learned Hillary and her campaign worked hand in hand with the media to build up Donald Trump to help him get the nomination.  The campaign felt they had the upper hand to beat Trump in the General.  And boy did the media do their work.

During the primary Trump was on every station getting glowing reviews and puff time. Then came the party Conventions in June, the nominees were announced, and the General Election began – and so also began the media to turn against the Donald – as coordinated with he Hillary campaign (revealed by Wikileaks.)

The news has used “polls” to make news, which has up to this point been how Clinton was statistically ahead of Trump.  The polling places call about 1,000 – 3,000 homes/people and ask for whom are they are voting.  They loved showing the US Map of 50 states as mostly blue.  91% of the Trump news coverage was bad or hostile.

The first debates came and Trump seemed more willing to defend himself than attack Hillary’s positions. NBC Executives, holding a Grudge, released an Access Hollywood video of trump saying some crude things that make a civilized person blush.  Funny part is, the “then” reporter with Trump, Billy Bush, wanted the video released and even bragged about it.  NBC fired him for his role … 11 years ago. Karma.

The news media puff pieced Hillary and smeared Trump frequently.  It looked like Trump was a sinking ship and we would be stuck with a Hillary presidency  further dismantling of America under  crushing Democrat socialist style policies. A “crooked” Hillary presidency at that.  She looked inevitable, and we would have the Clinton Corruption front and center of our national conscience for at least four years.

But my own observations never made quite aligned with what I was being told.


  • Trump has enthusiasm and momentum
  • Hillary has insults and Alicia Machado.
  • Trump is accused (falsely mostly) of being a Bigot, Racist, Homophobe, Mysoginist
  • Hillary is accused of Criminal level behavior – selling access to herself and Bill, sharing confidential data with unauthorized individual

Then the FBI reopened the case against Hillary for deleted emails and sharing classified information with the wrong people.  Combine this with Wikileaks and the James O’Keefe videos going undercover with Democrats exposing the scandal beneath he sheen.  All of this has made a potent cocktail of bad news.

  • The Evan McMullin fake presidential run is even starting to fizzle out in Utah.
  • States heralded by the media as being for Hillary are now contested.
  • Every time a poll specifics are evaluated, they are oversampling traditional Hillary voters (democrats) by 10+% – which helps account for any lead she has in any poll. Given that truth, then most polls showing her ahead are flat wrong.  And now I see this Headline Roundup on Drudge Report in battle ground polls for trump:

Pat Caddell, former pollster for the Jimmy Carter Administration, is predicting a Trump win.  He is seeing the same scenario this year as he did in 1980: all the polls kept saying the Democrat Jimmy Carter would win, but in the end Ronald Reagan won in a landslide, leaving the talking heads confused wonder what happened. Listen to a Rush Limbaugh montage of that 1980 Election Night coverage and shock.
A great many of us were concerned Hillary was going to easily pull this out.  It is not so straight-forward any longer.

For all these reasons, if you are concerned for a Trump loss, you have more reason to be optimistic than not.  This trend wil likely to continue barring another deflating October/November surprise from the media/democrats.  But with all the panic and childish name calling happening right now, I suspect that is not the case.

We’ll see come this coming Wednesday Morning, 11/9.

Clinton’s bring Chaos

It is odd in my mind I can make this statement now: “I have been around a long time and …”
The realization of my age settled on me when I heard rock songs I grew up with being played over the loud speakers of my local grocery store!  To make matters worse!  80’s music (my X-Generation music catalog) is qualified as “Cool-FM” oldies!  What is going on here!?  Then there is the matter of my chin.  The hair is going from mostly dark brown to mostly gray.  Forget my noggin – I succumbed and started shaving that off years ago!
Trust me, the 90’s music catalog that I had during my 20’s will be there shortly.
The television I watched growing up: Love Boat|Fantasy Island Fridays on ABC, Must-Watch-TV Cosby Show, Cheers and Night Court on Thursdays; Seinfeld; Friends; Magnum PI; Star Trek – all them 😃 – all part of the TV Hall of Fame.  Time and the world have all moved on.
I have been around a looooong time.
Given that fact I say this with certitude: I have not experienced a more tumultuous time in our USA country than right now.  It seems whenever the Clintons are involved chaos is the order of the day. They tend to stir things up thinking Muddy Waters allows them to do their dirty deeds in secret.unfortunately for the most part that has been the case.
And sure the storm is not banging directly against my boat – God has been gracious to me and my family, but it sure weighs on the boat of my heart at times.
  • Racial tensions boiling over
    • causing even the most reasonable among us to cry out
    • tearing at the fabric of our society  (you may feel far away, but its cultural ramifications affects us all)
    • Some have suspected our Governments highest reaches (our dear own president himself ) of promoting if not even causing this turmoils
  • Two political candidates who at their best represent the bottom of the food chain in the United States
    • Donald Trump : plain spoken, unapologetic, rough on the edges, angry against the establishment
    • Hillary Clinton : “crooked” and “corrupt”, passive aggressive in her anger as she protects her #Establishment status
Funny thing is WikiLeaks of Hillary’s emails revealed collusion between her and the media to puff up Donald Trump to ensure he was her opponent, thinking he would be more easily defeated then Ted Cruz.  I think that is going to come back and bite Hillary in the rear.
  • Wikileaks revealing the emails Hillary Clinton denied existed
    • The FBI (the LAW of the Land) Colluding with the Hillary campaign to protect her from prosecution
    • President Obama saying he knew nothing about Hillary email server, but was sending her emails there
  • Benghazi: Our government (Yup! Hillary) allowing our own Ambassador to be killed in an attack, not offering security forces to help, and then blaming a YouTube video producer.
  • Legalization of Marijuana in states
  • Hillary Clinton Campaign caught confessing to causing Violence at Trump Rallies: James O’Keefe the under cover video Bandido just released evidence of a Democrat staff are admitting to hiring Suggs to cause chaos in Chicago for Trump. He eluded to the fact Hillary was aware but wanted to give her plausible deniability.
  • The Democrat party and Clinton Campaign Rigging the Primary elections to ensure Bernie Sanders lost.
    • CNN just fired Donna Brazil for passing debate questions in advance to Hillary.(smoke and mirrors for their lack of objectivity. They want to pretend to be above it all.)
We could seriously go on for days. We can talk about Whitewater money laundering. We can talk about Monica Lewinsky and interns. We can talk about White House coffees where President Clinton was taking donations to his own personal fund.  There is the mysterious death of former Secretary of State Ron Brown: a plane accident but evidence alludes to foul play.  Bill Clinton took multiple flights to pedophile island with his friend who ran the island. And there is also the Clinton family initiative, a foundation that has been revealed to be leverage as Peifer play organization that the Clintons and Rich themselves with.
Seriously, I’m getting tired just write about it so know this, when the Clintons are involved expect chaos. If Hillary makes it back into the White House with her husband Bill we will have continued chaos and the thing that strikes me the most when I contemplate her ascension is God would give us order and peace over chaos.   As a nation who has rejected God, if we get Hillary and Bill we are getting exactly what our actions and culture deserve and even want.