The Media Isn’t Rigged. It’s Just Left.

Rush Limbaugh played the following President Obama quote:

“If all you’re doing is watching Fox News and listening to Rush Limbaugh and reading some of the blogs that are churning out a lot of misinformation on a regular basis, then it’s very hard for you to think that you’re going to vote for somebody who you’ve been told is taking the country in the wrong direction,” Obama said last month.

He added, if I listened to all that I wouldn’t vote for me neither!
The humor in all this is Obama clearly doesn’t listen to Fox at all – he would know they bend overe backwards to be “Fair and Balanced” – even to the point Bill O’Reilly has to have a gratuitous prop to the President or some other leftists in the midst of scandal or chaos. Don’t get me wrong, they do criticize based on the facts, but they also make puff statements and blow smoke to prove they live up to their motto.
Trump is out saying the Election is rigged and the media is rigged. The oh-so supportive GOP party for which he is running – his supposed support crew – is all saying ‘Nope, not rigged.’ My response is, this is ‘#Establishment’ vs. ‘#CountryClass’.
Critically thinking, I consider the context of what is rigged vs. not rigged. The #Establishment does everything it can to make nice with the media. They are the same #Establishment club. So any #Establishment Republican (or Democrat for that matter) saying media isn’t rigged, just consider the source. They don’t want to upset their buddies and continue getting favorable news coverage.
On the flip side, we in the #CountryClass watch:

  • A Media that loved Trump in the Primary, turn vicious cold against him in the General Election
  • Lester Holt Hammering the Republican Nominee in debate while giving Mrs. Clinton a couple softballs
  • Martha Raditz becomes a debater of Trump in 2nd Debate – Hillary’s job
  • Wikileaks is dumping Hillary’s email server left and right with evidence of Felonious Wrong-doing … and our news outlets lead with allegations of Trump’s Sex Accusers
    even the precious Megyn Kelly on precious “Fox News” did the same
    No one I saw devoted time to the TRUTH of the Hillary Wikileaks scandal.
  • NBC Executives leak an Access Hollywood tape with Trump on a Hot mic taling Lewdly – Billy Bush bragged to his network of the tapes existence in August
    • An Aside: In a bit of Karma, Billy Bush was bit by his own malice and was fired by NBC from the Today Show yesterday
watching Megyn Kelley tonight, Carl Cameron said “And Trump is not running against the Media, he’s running against Hillary Clinton.” While Trump is running against Clinton, Carl is myopically ignoring the Media running against Trump.
Now, love him or hate him, Julienne Assange, of Wikileaks, had his internet access blocked by the Ecuadorian government to prevent further Wikileaks drops – purportedly encouraged by our own Secretary of State, John Kerry
All this to say – if it’s a Republican/Right shaming – they Media is all over it, leading with the story. If it’s a slow news day with only explosive Democrat/Left-wing scandal – – the media will reincarnate, invent a leading story that will involve denegrating, putting in a bad light, the Right Wing opponent. More on that in a few paragraphs.
Here is a list of the News stories as screen shot from my phone today. All of this when there is crazy Bombshell Hillary news exploding all over the place:
  • A Lovely, shining profile picture of Hillary that just makes you want to trust and vote for her. Maybe even grab a happy hour with her:

  • Next Frame down, media (and Apple News) telling me Trump is crazy, and how people should react to it:

  • Women hate Trump’s Antics. Feminized Congressman  (his Testes are in Hillary Clinton’s Testical Lock-box) Mitch McConnell denounces Trump


Finally, DrudgeReport itemizes top links to Explosive news, (British or non-mainstream sources.) American media will avoid making their candidate, Hillary, look bad.

Apologies for the “ringer” icon in the center. Consequences of gathering material while riding in the car with my wife while engaged in other conversation.
So, is the Media “rigged”? It can sure look like it is. A Dem staffer was caught in the Hillary email dump sending out marching orders to all the Main-stream media – giving what to say for any given scenario to the “State-run media.” there is definitely coordination happening. This coordination is simple amongst themselves because it’s already in their hearts.
The media is populated by a bunch of leftist who participate in Group-think. That is why I say, they are just “Left.”


Quick note:

This article is a good lesson on Leftists (Obama is one) wanting to restrict our First Amendment Rights whenever they say things like:

“We are going to have to rebuild within this wild-wild-west-of-information flow some sort of curating function that people agree to,” Obama said.

Curating done by leftists. If you don’t agree with them get denied freedom or even put in Jail (ala Hitler or Stalin). Was that too harsh for sensitive eyes and ears? I digress.

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