Character Matters

Flipping “A”!
Matter of fact, flip the whole alphabet!
Who would’ve guessed in 2016 we’d have possibly the two candidates for president with the worst character we’ve seen on a national stage?  There was a day when the character of the president – fidelity, honesty, stability, work ethic, etc – really mattered.  And the candidates would get smeared if they fell short.
Even reaching back into my ‘old’ life as far back as Jimmy Carter vs. Gerald Ford (Richard Nixon’s Vice President assumed office) in 1976, you would not have been able to assail their character. Everything was based on policy and what they made of their lives – even though thar result was determined by emotion. The country was still fresh out of Watergate (ironically prosecution assisted by Hillary Cliton’s research fresh out of college.).
Jimmy Carter was no doubt a disaster, and even acknowledged by the media and fellow politicians as well as the country-class, but he had foolish policies based on his good intentions. His character largely remains unassailable.
Ronald Reagan had impeccable character.
George H.W. Bush – impeccable character
Bill Clinton was the start of the visible character slide. “It’s the Ecnomoy Stupid” and “It’s just sex” were the slogans of his time. (His problems are known and don’t need to be itemized here
George W. Bush – impeccable character
Barak Obama – Largely recognized to have impeccable character, but we are seeing things come out now concerning how he approached policy that makes me question it [Iran Deal, Fast & Furious, Lying about Obama Care’s affect on the country)

*sigh* And here we are today with two options

Donald Trump – Caught making indefensible statements about some gals. Cheating on his wife/wives. Even caught talking about wanting to cheat on his now-wife Melania on that audio. BAD
Hillary Clinton – Actively smeared the “innocent” and even “not-so-innocent” women who crossed Pres. Bill Clinton’s path utilizing the “Bimbo Erruption War Room.” Setting up/running pay-for-play Clinton Foundation. Getting Child Rapists off of charges. The illegal email server and the lying and obfuscation around that. Benghazi where people died because of her decisions. Terror-state Iran’s legitimization through her policies.
There are obvious differences between Trump and Hillary, surrounding primarily how they made their fortunes, and the policies they want to implement for the direction of this country.
There are similarities also, and this relates to character which I alluded to above. Cheating. Lying. Obfuscation. Out there in the open. Hillary still denies, clouds, and diverts attention before, during, and after getting caught. When she lies she speaks her natural tongue. Trump has perversion in his heart. Undeniable. And this turns off a lot of people and rightly so.
Trump is a pig. Hillary is a crooked, lying, Pig defender. They are the same.
One big difference anyone with seeing eyes can catch is the lopsided outrage for Trump’s actions vs. the lapdog libreal media excusing Hillary for every right and left turn she takes. If you watch MS/NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NPR, even some on Fox – the coverage slams Trump all of the time. We in the country-class are mostly driven by what we see on our devices or our Television..
We will see a lineup of people on the media slamming Trump. Even Mike Pence and Melania Trump refuse to defend. Good thing they maintain their own character stance. Locker room talk or not, it deserves to be derided.
        But where has the outrage been over the B.S. and illegal activity of Hillary? Nowhere to be seen – except maybe Fox, which the left likes to denegrate and impugn so the closed-minded of our society (yeah, thats you out there in the country class who pretent to be high-minded) can discount it and not even bother to consider what is said. There are no endless parades of guests on the libreral networks slamming Trump AND Clinton. One-sided. Chris Matthews anyone?
The character lapse on both sides are heinous and both deserve equal scrutiny. Neither of these candidates should be up for consideration. If this were {Ted Cruz/Marco Rubio/Ben Carson/Carly Fiorina/John Kasich} VS Bernie Sanders would we be having these conversations!? HECK NO! The Democrat voters can at least claim they got robbed of Bernie via Super-Delegates. Republicans? Yeah, Trump was #CHOSEN# by a majority of voters – #Establishment revolt not withstanding. But either way, the bad character rose to the top.
That is a comment on our culture and how far the US has slid.
Into the gutter.
You people out there pushing Gary Johnson the libertarian, know this: he is not a true libertarian. He just wants to legalize Cannabis. That also reflects on our culture slide.
I appreciate the fact there is “moral” outrage over Trump’s comments. It shows to some level we care about character within a person. I wonder if that outrage rooted in the political correctness of our day as opposed to ‘it’s just the wrong thing to say.’ I am a male who grew from a boy to man in the United States of America. I have heard that type of talk more often than I can recall. And how many of you, before you start throwing stones, have seen or done the same. Growing up in a home with a single mom and my sister tended to curb that talk in my life, but I’m sure it was in my heart. Just like you.
The lack of moral outrage over Hillary’s actions is disconcerting, but I am hopeful – as I mentioned above – that is more a media painted picture. I don’t recall growing up any talk or actions I or someone I knew that unethically raised money, destroyed innocent peoples reputations, or got people killed. #JustSaying
We are seeing a definite downward trend that reflects our culture as a whole.
As long as we as culture keep tolerating this type of behavior we will keep getting what we ask for. And I supposed we’ll keep being (or pretending to be) outraged. If you want to turn this around, start within yourself, and share that with others. Hold ourselves and others to the higher standard. As the floor keeps getting lower, that standard gets higher, and I am less hopeful we will be able to go back minus an act of God Himself. May he have mercy on us and our children.
Character does matter.

22 thoughts on “Character Matters

  1. Rick, I can agree that as a teenager and 20-something, most of us mean objectified women, but at Trump’s age in 2005??

    1. Sadly if left to our own devices, our Heathen hearts will remain in that state. Praise God for giving us a new heart by pouring out his Spirit on us that we can see more clearly. I’ve known too many guys in my life who have stayed in that path.

      1. “Trump is a pig. Hillary is a crooked, lying, Pig defender. They are the same.” Then why vote for either?

      2. I promise to not hold it against you after the election. I occasionally tweet Evan about his Hypocrisy. He wants to prevent harm to the country but doing anything allowing Hillary to get elected is contrary to his own desires. I’m sure he knows that.

      3. Evan knows a Trump presidency is an even greater threat to the Republic AND our witness to the world.

      4. Witness in the world is a subjective view and seriously, i never heard anyone say the same thing about Bill Clinton or his attack dog wife. And how does Trumps wanting to give the US economic and security relief compare more unfavorably against Hillary Clinton’s more oppressive proposed regulations and even further weakening our security?

      5. “Evangelicals” aren’t supporting Clinton en masse.

        Trump is a charlatan and his supporters are being played. He’s a liberal populist. Don’t believe him.

      6. I don’t know what the stats of evangelicals for Trump are. I voted for cruz. At this point I am #NeverHillary. She has no soul.

        Let’s reword your statement the other way:
        “{Hillary} is a charlatan and {her} supporters are being played. {She’s} a liberal populist. Don’t believe {her}.” Amen to that statement too. I will add this: She is an unprosecuted criminal because of the Good-old-boys network. #Establishment People who cross her path die. She is willing to smear the innocent to her political gain.

        I fail to see where Trump is worse.

      7. Me too. Unfortunately I have to weigh the health of the country this time.

        Trump is lying with the right people at his side.

        Hillary lies the same old lies as in the 90’s. “I don’t recall” “Not as Far as I am aware.” She slithers. For Trumps moral failings I would go so far to suggest voting in Clinton is voting someone in who is influenced by some serious evil intent. (Possibly on a Spiritual plain – no proof, just watching the fruit.) She has no soul.

      8. By the way this is really easy; if Trump drops out we all will vote for Pence and can beat Hillary. If Trump stays in we lose.

      9. The GOP has its own problems. Despite the Despicable Me aspect of Trump, I believe he (and Cruz would’ve too) is the only personality to not back down and break through their PC Good-old-boys crap. Romney played the #Establishment game and got ran over. John McCain in 2008 did the same.

        We possibly need somebody as smash mouth and in the gutters as the democrats have been if we are going to push their agenda back.

        I hate watching our country die behind a thin, beatable veil of Political Correctness.

      10. LOL – I gotcha. This election cycle has been AWFUL. I hate it. I’ve seen the lies and junk before but this has descended to a whole new level.

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