Debates, Lies and Sex Tapes

Things are getting serious in this US presidential race, 2016.  Hillary brings up a former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, and in true Trump form, he:

  • First: gets Squirreled at the debates with Alicia
  • Second: starts tweeting at 3am about the former Miss Universe
  • Third: Trump sends out a siren call to find Alicia’s sex tape

From what I read in the 5 facts about this whole Alicia Machado business – yes its “Trump-bart” but its more a less a “Just the facts Ma’am” column – that tape is not too hard to find:

3. Machado damaged her own reputation by having sex live on television.

Hillary has a point about Temperament. He’s a bit unhinged no doubt.  I think he should let Eric or D.J.Trump Jr. start handling that for him.  Someone needs to ratchet him back.

I think of Ronald Reagan, known as the “Great Communicator.”  He handled all of this type of communication relatively well.  Sam Donaldson of ABC News would always be part of the press core strongly persisting in asking questions, and Reagan would basically say  “Oh that’s just Sam.”  There is wisdom in striving to preserve the relationship while maintaining your integrity in your answers.

Trump is reflecting or conveying the mood of the country.   I think he resonates on that level with many people.  But the thing is, as the leader of a party, country, movement, he would do well to show a calmer demeanor rather than allowing his emotions to get the better of him.  The positive things he says gets overshadowed by being, well, overshadowing: making the story about himself; defending himself rather than going on attack; tweeting it all so it can be kept in perpetuity on the Internet for anyone to see – for all time.

A Fox News, Megan Kelly interview revealed Alicia did have an eating disorder before the pageant (something she claimed was instigated by Trump criticism) and that Alicia has no one to corroborate her story Trump called her names (Piggy, Housekeeping.)  And of course Trump denies it, but doubling down on the comment he never made inferring it was a beauty pageant and she had to keep the weight now. Ahhh!  Can’t he just stay on a reasonable sense of offense!?

For the next debate he needs to keep in mind there will be another pre-planned, pre-coordinated “gotcha.” Instead of picking on Hillary for staying home (trying to allude to her health problems) he ought to take a cue and come off the trail for a few days to prep.  Whenever he goes on stage it’s him against Hillary and the media – both have the same goal of taking him out.    He could even think of a few gotcha’s on his own.

Comparing Trump’s Temperament to Hillary’s judgement, this is a slam dunk.

  • using the Clinton Family Foundation as a personal pay-for-play piggy bank
  • Taking out Colonel/General Muammar Gaddafi (After he said he’d be friends with the US)
  • Running guns to Syrian Rebels who eventually became ISIS
  • allowing the Benghazi embassy to be sacked, with loss of life, without sending security reinforcements, despite repeated advance requests
    • blaming an obscure video by an unknown producer for the riots: and throwing him in jail
  • Using a personal email server for state business
  • Deleting emails off said server AFTER Congress issues a Subpoena for those emails

On and on … I don’t want to reitemize everything here, but she shows a blatant disregard for the Law and has the Establishment covering her back.  She has bad judgement, and this would be bad news for the country.

Trump is NOT establishment, and he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder about the Establishment’s behavior. If Trump doesn’t drop his “Defend myself” posture and go on attack by asking his own questions of Hillary, or pushing issues the Main Stream Media will never ask, he will lose.  People will see him as petulant and not up for the task

But,k if he rises above all of it, keeping his cool, staying focused (NO SQUIRRELS!) while directing any attempt to derail back onto Hillary’s records and stated objectives, there is no doubt he will win.

And one more thing Mr. Trump: PLEASE PREPARE FOR THE NEXT DEBATE – Squirrel!

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