Teach the GOP a Lesson

Chatting with my wife last week she quoted social media:
If we {fill in blank}, then “that will teach the Republicans a Lesson.”

{fill in blank} Multiple Choice:

  • Let Hillary Get Elected
  • Vote 3rd Party
  • Stay home and not vote
Now that is a term I haven’t heard in quite a while. “That will teach them a Lesson.”
Having paid attention to US Politics for quite some time (at least 1990) that statement was made way back then.  George H.W. Bush didn’t believe in the Reagan revolution, and let the Democrats in Congress push him into raising taxes after saying “Read my lips, no new taxes.”
GOP Voters responded “Let Perot/Clinton win, then the GOP will be taught a lesson.”
It has gone on from there, Election after Election. Republicans (of the Establishment Class) make a bone-headed move, voters say “Teach them a lesson.”   And this year the Establishment is joining the chorus, against the Voters!  Check out this gem:

WSJ Elitist Bret Stephens: Donald Trump Must Be “Decisively Rebuked” So GOP Voters Can “Learn Their Lesson.

By my estimation the only folks who get a lesson at the end of the day are the citizens of our country, left hurting with the consequences of #Establishment decisions for another set of years.  But do we collectively learn the lesson?
Let’s consider together (I make the statement, you click the provided link if you want more info):
  • Sub-prime housing market meltdown – caused by Government policy.
    • LESSON: Government forced banks to make loans to people who could not afford them.  
      • Our Tax money was used. Our national debt increased.
      • It created an unscrupulous business model that certain companies gladly followed : Google Search Ameriquest
      • Drove up housing prices across the country (prices that were once within reach, within reason)
      • Among the Establishment it generated a “need” to bail out the bankers with TARP1 and TARP2 – – which has yet to be entirely spent/claimed.  (proving it was crap)
  • Extremely high (and under-reported) Unemployment Rate – Gallup Reporting
    • 2013 : 14%+  both U-3 and U-6 numbers: Source: cnsnews.com
    • 2014:
    • 2016:
    • LESSON: The policies of a particular political persuasion leads to oppressive economic conditions.That persuasion is one of more government interference and control, higher regulation resulting in higher costs, and in addition higher taxation — all hurt the employment and economic outlook.  It really is that easy.  When the Government backs its hand away te country can breathe a sigh of relief.
      • I do believe (looking in the rear view mirror) that NAFTA – identified by H. Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan, and now Donald Trump, are correct it has harmed us.  But I would say not directly.  As the US Government has put ever increasing burdens on Corporations and business owners, it has forced work to head out of our country to keep costs down and just stay competitive. NAFTA was the pressure relief valve caused by an ever onerous government intrusion.
  • Ever Increasing National Debt:  US Debt Clock .org  says $19 Trillion currently
    • And Republicans want to “get along” with Obama & Dems to Raise the Debt ceiling : Source Yahoo.news, opinion inflection is my own 🙂
    • Obama Called Bush Unpatriotoc for increasing national debt to $4 Trillion : Source: TheGatewayPundit.com
    • But Obama increased it to $20 Trillion : Source NY Post
    •  LESSON: Self-explanatory.  The politicians (namely President Barack Obama and his willing Establishment Politician congress) were willing to play games with our money and go on a drunken spending spree to get more people hooked on Government programs.
Can we really expect our Establishment politicians to learn a lesson?  These are the people who vote themselves raises, have exempted themselves from Obamacare’s onerous demands, and vote themselves a pension greater and richer than any American citizen could dream to have.
Along comes this outspoken, sometimes foot-in-mouth nominee for the Republican ticket.
  • He is by all means a political outsider.
  • He wants to prevent ISIS from entering the country by blocking those entering from known terrorist countries (think the San Bernardino Terrorist attacks.)
    For this he is called a bigot.
  • He wants to prevent drug cartel with guns (especially those provided by our very own government) from crossing the border in the hands of a bad guy to kill our citizens, and those who protect us.
    For this he is called racists and a hater.
  • He wants to make the conditions favorable again for companies to come back to the US do business – increasing jobs, lowering unemployment.
    For this he is labeled as wanting to take us back to the dark ages of “Trickle Down” economics.
  • Lastly, he knows what a threat the national debt is, and he wants to reduce it, and make it manageable again.

But for personal reasons, certain people say they want him to lose to “Teach the Republicans a lesson.”

Donald Trump, my friend, while not my 1st, 2nd or even 3rd choice for President, is talking up things I am listening for.  Things that will ease the pressure on my family and budget.  He wants to put a legacy of constructionist judges on our courts that will not be activist or legislate from the Court bench, hopefully allowing this American experiment to continue for even a little while longer while my kids grow up and start their own family.  And he wants to make the country where we live a stronger, more peaceful place.

If he doesn’t win (which means Hillary gets into the White House), and say many Republicans resultantly lose, the policies above will not be reversed, but will be doubled-down upon.  It is we, the citizens, who receive the lesson.  But I fear (and frankly expect) we as a group will not “get it”.

40 years from now Democrats will still be blaming everything on Bush, while who they elect are actually causing the destruction, and the self-righteous Republican voter will still want to teach the GOP a lesson.  *SIGH*   God help America (if he isn’t already judging us.)