O’Reilly Factor Review – Context


Context Post

Occasionally I may want to respond to, or repeat/resonate something I heard on the O’Reilly Factor – a show I’ve been catching somewhat regularly lately.  These are the ground rules for my comments – put into one place so I don’t have to repeat them.
  • I am neither an apologist nor detractor of Bill O’Reilly on the Fox News Channel.   He is generally reasonable in discourse. He is occasionally strongly animated in debate, but generally (laughably) directed at Kirsten Powers, a contributor who once upon a time served in Clinton Administration.  (She also gets rather torqued at him through a pursed lip. Makes it fun to watch.)  This doesn’t always make him right, nor always wrong by my estimation.  I like the term “fair”.  He has a world view and “his” show reflects it.That said, there are times I like to write him and express an opposite view to his own.  But I don’t want to just do that here. I would also add support to anything I find agreeable.

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