April 19, 2016 (Written around the New York State Primaries)
I am one of those Ted Cruz for President supporters who is glad Donald Trump entered the 2016 Presidential Race.  I consider both Cruz and Trump to be speaking for the “Middle America” and believe our country to have suffered harm in the last 7 years.

I do not solely blame the Obama Administration. We’ve watched the “Establishment” from both parties lie and act contrary to the health and desires of the citizens.  The GOP “Establishment”  is more in alignment with the “other side” of the aisle than not. (Thank you Justice Roberts and your ruling on Obamacare, thank you Mitch McConnell for stifling any attempt at momentum blocking – let alone reversing – the agenda of the last 7 years.). I not only feel seriously sold-down-the-river, but I have no meaningful representation for my vote in government today.

  • Ted Cruz has called them (Establishment) out from the floor of the US Senate – to their face.  (He has stones.)
  • Donald Trump calls them out from the stump and soapboxes.  (He, too, has stones.)
  • BOTH have been great for this year’s cycle.  This is a Good Thing.

From this point I will focus on Trump.  The things I have liked, and the things that are not-so-likable.

TRUMP-isms I have liked

He calls out issues in plain language the common folks (like myself) can easily grasp.

  • He stands for his stated “convictions” (in quotes for a reason) even when attacked.


  • Preventing further Immigration from known “hot-bed” countries or regions
  • Not being “Bullied” himself by The Establishment or special interests to back down
  • Stopping Illegal Immigration.  It’s called “Illegal” (against the Law) for a reason. It’s not group hatred.

Military strength

Bringing manufacturing and jobs back

  • He (and I hate to admit, Ross Perot too) is right: NAFTA has been a loser for the United States.  Look at the amount of manufacturing jobs that have left the country.  Look at the number of unemployed and the US Employers inability  to compete with global neighbors.

(My Favorite) He has brought a SORELY needed sense of “rumble” and plain talk to the political campaign.

  1. The Establishment doesn’t know what to do with it, and he’s winning a lot of support for it.  (The Establishment Snake Oil has no effect.)

TRUMP-isms I dont’ like

After a Fox debate where the moderators were tough on Trump:  Calling out Fox News’ Megyn Kelley as having “Blood come out all sorts of orafaces” 

  • A rant on TWITTER!  No Bueno.
  • Sure she was being a “Gotcha journalist” during a debate.  So what?  This is what happens with Republicans face journalists.  Don’t expect any love there.
  • Confront her in another more private forum.  Not publicly over Twitter

After Melania’s past “public” modeling resurfaced publicly from a PAC not associated with Ted Cruz Campaign:   Tweeting about Heidi Cruz vs. Melania Trump with that nasty graphic of Heidi in a compromised facial expression.

  •  It’s really bad dragging the innocents into this discussion.
  • it wasn’t even the Cruz Campaign that up

Lying about Ted Lying during the Iowa Caucuses of Ben Carson Dropping out of the race  

  • Lyin’ Ted the Candian.  This one grates me like fingernails on the chalkboard.
  • It is known CNN first reported Carson dropping out of the race and some Cruz staffers picked up to get their guy the win. #A Garbage Falsehood which is sadly sticking

Donald saying these things makes this race Toxic. Trust me, the GOP Establishment deserves verbal toxicity and to crawl away like a cock-roach. But if he gets the nomination and ultimately the Presidency, he is going to have to work with some of these people.  And bridges burned – such as Senator Cruz – may not work in his favor.

My biggest fear is should someone else get the nomination (even through a crooked contested convention) any GOP runner would have a sickly run-up (crawl-up) to the General Election.
In the end I will surely vote For Trump AND against Hillary Clinton (email scandal and all).  I want what’s best for my country given the options I am given.  That gives my conscience peace.