15″ Macbook Pro: The Exterminator

I have come to appreciate the Macbook pro as a very good development platform.  16GB RAM, 512GB, Core i7 with a Retina Display all encased in a sturdy aluminum body.

Very fast. Very sleek. Very capable.

So I was sitting on the my couch with the family, and I looked down on my pang leg, having wearing jeans at that time. There slowly crawled an Arizona bark scorpion across my knee. I have lived in Arizona for the past 5 years and had never once encountered a scorpion here.  Ever.  Imagine my surprise when I had one giving me a person greeting, and I didn’t even know he was coming for the visit.  The thread in the image below gives a sense of the scene.

Scorpion on my knee – demo

Its tail was not raised, but legitimately my panic was.  Thinking fast, all I had was my MacBook Pro in hand.  Not wanting to create a situation for the scorpion the strike, I immediately took the MacBook pro and repeatedly – and stiffly – smashed that scorpion between with the aluminum body against my knee.  Four times.

I did have a split second flash through my thoughts : no moving parts (except the CPU fan.)  SMASH SMASH SMASH SMASH.  $2500 dollars of bleeding edge equipment striking hard against my knee-bone.  It was either my knee getting a venomous shot, or the MBP taking some shots.  I chose the Mac.

Brushing off that nasty creature it flew fast and furiously to the laminate floor just past a place rug where I was sitting.  I was not messing.  #GitErDone #KillTheBug.

My wife was taken aback watching me.  She thought I was having a seizure or Evil Spirit possession of some sort, unaware of the knee-cap visitor.  That was a look on her face to remember.

After all things calmed, I pulled open the aluminum lid, and resumed what I was doing before.

MacBook Por: Scorpion Exterminator.