Facebook induced Gratitude (Please Read my Friends)

Today, February 25th, is my birthday.  And as always with everyone who posts their birth date in the social network, I was listed in the “Events” highlights as one of those in my friend’s timelines.  I got my number of people wishing me a Happy Happy B-Day.  And out of some sense of duty every year, I personally acknowledge each one with both a LIKE and Comment.  (At least I try)

All of the Facebook Cliche’s about Facebook friends not being truly deep etc. can ring true right about now.  There are just-acquaintances out there.  I didn’t really hear from them.

Each person who wished me well, I would love to sit and reconnect over a meal, a backyard BBQ or potluck at my home.  In one person’s case I straight up told it as I saw: I would love to reconnect over a fattening Indian dinner eating lots of Naan 🙂 !

  • There were people from Elementary school, one who’s mom used to watch me and my sister after school until my own mother could come pick us up after her work.
  • There is someone from a youth soccer team I was on and we were able to connect.
  • There are the friends from High School, and even some acquaintances, whom I like to chat with on social media and see where they’ve gone in life.
  • Then there are my friends from my old churches in both Northern and Southern Cal  ( I do not call it “Cali” – you bunch of foreigners listening to LL Cool J  – its NorCal or SoCal … aint no such thing as “Cali”)
  • There are the people with whom I’ve worked over the years — allllll they way back to the 90’s when I was still in my 20’s (DOH!), the new Century and even this decade of the 2010’s!
  • Connecting with Family both in California (NorCal and SoCal) and in Minnesota, and some long distance family (by Marriage) in the Carolinas.  And I cannot forget Nevada!  Here’s to you Fisher’s who ventured into that waste-land. 😛
  • Last but not least there were the relationships I have in the land I live now, who dropped a little social networking post.

As I responded to each post, I was reminded of that person, the times we had together in whichever environment, how my life is touched in both big and small ways by them, and how I would love to see each and every one of them again – no matter how far away.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all the people I’ve known in my life.  It’s been a great journey.

Right about now this sounds like some liberal, tree hugging, Promise Keeper’s post – and that’s probably about right.  For this very moment I’m okay with that, and I want to express in this very small way, how much each note, and each person behind it, has meant to me in my life.

God gave me a gift of relationship.  I value each and every one.  And he expects us too.  Relationships are the only things we take to eternity with us.  The rest of it falls apart and burns down here.  In this area I thrive and rejoice.

Love to all of you