Well isn’t this funny

I had an awesome post all prepared for my blog today.

  • I have media posted to YouTube.
  • I had about 500 words or less posted of pithy comments – starting with the words “I am a football fan …”
  • Then I did the unthinkable: I did a browser Google search from my Firefox search bar. The search results ran right over my essay.

When I realized the costly mistake a applied a keyboard ALT+[Back Arrow Key] hoping to preserve my session.  I was presented with a blank screen. But Good news!  WordPress was highlighting green at the top of the screen (Paraphrased): “A Previous session has been saved.  Would you like to restore?” Hallelujah the salvation of at least 30 minutes of typing if not more … yes indeed!  Please restore! I was looking for “I am a football fan …” plus at least a bulk of my witty prose. Instead I was presented with:

I am a foo

And that is all. I thought it to be some kind of joke, but it was not.  Of my entry only 10 characters were saved. DANG IT!  I didn’t compose offline!  I didn’t click save!  I didn’t pay attention to which window was targeted for search.  I just didn’t pay attention. Then the realization hit me:  Why Yes! Today I qualify, and WordPress (or my browser) gets the last laugh.  Yes I am!

I am a foo

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